Sunday, June 23, 2013

Other topics of possible interest

I've now pretty much closed out the content on discordant redshifts, but I am still assembling content for several other articles.  A number of recent astronomy announcements which are being exploited and distorted by Electric Universe advocates have been brought to my attention.

I've also had a number of Real Life interventions which have diverted my efforts - a leaking hot water heater, along with some strong storms including power outages and a nearby tornado.

So I'll take this delay as an excuse to bring attention to work by others dealing with bad/crank/pseudo astronomy

Stuart Robbins podcast on geocentrism (Podcast #78: Historic and Modern Geocentrism).  He goes into more details of some of the history than I did in my explorations of this topic.

Mario Livio is promoting his new book, "Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein" (Barnes and Noble) on various podcasts (Science Friday, Point of Inquiry).  The point of the book is that all scientists, even the great ones, make mistakes.  Some of these mistakes also contribute to new insights. 

Many cranks adopt the position of unquestioning correctness of their heroes (Alfven, Birkland, etc.), using things these researchers got right as basis for why we should not question things which they clearly got wrong.

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