Sunday, June 30, 2013

Old Earth Creationism meets the Electric Universe?

I follow a number of podcasts on science and pseudo-science topics.  Many of the science and skepticism podcasts are linked in the sidebar.

One of the 'guilty pleasures' is the "I Didn't Know That" podcast distributed by Reasons To Believe, an Old Earth Creationism organization.  I follow it because they do report the astronomy and geology issues with good accuracy, even if I find some of their interpretations questionable.  I also find it useful as they field questions from listeners and it's good to hear the kinds of questions being asked.   Some years ago, I attended one of their gatherings in my area.

In a recent podcast, Episode #269 (see Do we live in an electric universe?;...), they received a question from a listener about the Electric Universe (EU).  The questioner was apparently intrigued by the idea (I believe they did say they were an engineer) and described EU as "New Age" (Wikipedia).    I was rather surprised that the 'resident scholars' as they are called on the program, were apparently unaware of Electric Universe astronomy claims.  I found it even more surprising when one considers what a large fraction of EU supporters are Young Earth creationists, basically backing anything anti-Big Bang Cosmology (see Is Big Bang Cosmology a 'Creationist' Model?) and supported by people who claim to have some technological background, primarily electrical engineering.

I'll summarize a few links below as an "Essential Electric Universe Introduction" for those Old Earth Creationists who've not heard of the Electric Universe and their claims.

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