Sunday, February 3, 2013

Projects and Progress...

No regular post today. 

I have several multi-part posts held up while I await responses to inquiries with various scientific groups.

I'm also still researching some of the claims in Halton Arp's "Seeing Red", a project which has turned into more of a tour through astronomy history than I expected.  I am increasingly astonished at just how much evidence against Arp's interpretation of the galaxy-quasar alignments he and his supporters have ignored or mis-represented.

In the process of tracking down some some of Arp's 'anomalies', I found a number of the anomalies not only solved, but have an interesting, but little known, history behind the solution.  The actual solutions were so mundane and unremarkable that they were quietly integrated into 'best practices' in the various observational analysis programs. 

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