Sunday, January 20, 2013

Explorations around the Web

Skeptoid Podcast
This is a collection of 10-15 minute podcasts on a wide variety of skeptical topics.  I found it useful for a quick introduction to a variety of topics which I've heard about over the years but never really researched.  There are many segments on the various flavors of creationism, scientific thinking, climate change, etc.  Periodically he posts a corrections and responses to comments from listeners.

The Scale of the Universe
The original Powers of 10 (released in 1977, YouTube) video illustrated the broad range of size scales in the universe, ranging from the sub-atomic realm to the edge of the universe.  An interactive version of Powers of 10,  going from our everyday sizes to larger and smaller is now available.

Heavenly Errors: Misconceptions about the real nature of the universe
by Neil F. Comins
A collection of questions and answers on misconceptions in astronomy

Hubble Sees Tribe of Baby Galaxies 13+ Billion Light Years Away
The Hubble Space Telescope takes yet another look at the ultra-deep field.

Is there a rising tide of irrationality?
Irrational behavior hasn't changed that much over the history of the human race, and odds are it will not change much in the future. 

The Flame Challenge
Ever wonder about the science behind something that seems so simple as a burning flame?  This was a very good explanation and I learned about some details of the physics I'd not heard before.

Wired: 8 Videogames to Get Your Kid Into Engineering 
I've tinkered with the "World of Goo" demo and the Kerbal Space Program looks interesting but there's not enough hours in the day...

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