Sunday, August 26, 2012

This week, a few interesting links

while I continue assembling a future series of releases...

Eye on the ICR
Peter L is keeping an Eye on the ICR (Institute for Creation Research)
Peter does a lot of rebuttals of ICR claims on biological evolution, but includes astronomy as well.

In the "Politicians Displaying their Ignorance" category...
ArsTechnica: Kentucky lawmakers shocked to find evolution in biology tests
I wonder if these politicians would be surprised to discover that the US Naval Observatory and NASA use relativity (contrary to Biblical Geocentrism) in maintaining our timing and satellite navigation infrastructure.

Education Resources on Electric Fields in Space
Electric Universe (EU) supporters like to claim that astronomers are ignorant of electromagnetism and electric fields in space, in spite of well-documented evidence to the contrary (The Electric Universe).

The CINDI (COUPLED ION NEUTRAL DYNAMICS INVESTIGATION) instrument, flying aboard the C/NOFS satellite, uses the motions of neutral atoms, ions, and electrons to study electric and magnetic fields in Earth's ionosphere (see Science Team Site).

As part of their EP/O efforts, they've produced some high-quality comic books, targeted for grades 6 through 9, describing the science with an interesting style.  Check them out at the CINDI education site:
  1. CINDI in Space
  2. CINDI in the Electric Atmosphere
  3. CINDI in the Solar Wind (to be released soon!)

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