Saturday, January 1, 2011

Initiating Power-up for the 2011 New Year...

What a 6 weeks...
  • Numerous parties, both hosting and attending
  • A funeral that involved a few hundred miles of 2-way travel, some through lake-effect snow
  • Some (minor) snowstorms at home
  • A small and mildly disruptive home repair/remodel
  • I organized a presentation by Dr. John Mather (wikipedia) for NCAS and had lunch with Dr. Mather & Dr. Robert Park (wikipedia).  The presentation is available online at YouTube.
  • My new computer system is almost completely configured.  I've run a few compute-intensive simulations on it as testing for the redshift quantization project.
And through all this I managed to make a lot of progress on my To Do list.
  • Project 1: The Quantized Redshift tutorial is largely complete.  Four of the articles, with graphics, are currently staged, with more to come.  I expect to release one per week.
  • Project 2: The GPS project is a little less developed since it has a number of sub-components that I want the capability to address
  • Project 3: Five Lagrange Points don't exist in geocentrism. Pretty far along due to it's simplicity, but it still requires a fair amount of background material.  However, Mr. Delano's arrogance has provided an interesting opportunity and I'll give this some time to develop.
  • Project 4: For the Michelson interferometers operating in space, I've received a reply from the instrument team.  I will start assembling more detailed documentation about what we know from these spacecraft.
  • Project 5 & 6: Hardly touched these two.
An important note to potential commenters:
Any comments made to the current series of posts which is addressed in a future article will not be released until the future article is released so I can appropriately link it as a response.  I already have several additional posts addressing currently pending comments and I plan to hold them as well.

I've been thoroughly enjoying this time away from weekly posting.  I have made an incredible amount of progress on material that I have been wanting to develop into tutorials that would be appropriate for classroom use.  Since I now have a backlog of material on quantized redshifts that still need to be converted to blog posts.  I expect to release them about once per week but that frequency may slow as I catch up to material still under development.

Teachers should free to e-mail me with suggestions of specific topics on this site that you'd like to see developed into material more suited to classroom use.

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