Saturday, September 4, 2010

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: Modern Science Map

Over at the “Science, Reason and Critical Thinking” blog, Crispian Jago has created an interesting visual representation of the development of modern science
The chart links prominent individuals in the development of a number of sciences since the 16th century, including theoretical physics and astronomy.  The graphic is laid out like a subway map, each separate 'line' corresponding to fields of science.  'Transfer station' symbols are located at individuals whose work had impact in multiple fields

Crispan describes the graphic as a draft, currently version 0.37, subject to revision.  Commenters are reporting a number of corrections and revisions.

I did a similar exercise with my “Cosmos in Your Pocket” paper, converting it into a poster for the AAS meeting in Miami, FL last spring.  I'll explore converting this poster into a similar graphic for posting online - just another item for my extensive To Do list...


Anonymous said...

If VORPAL runs on a blade server, can we call it a vorpal blade? And when it is in operation, does it go "snicker-snack"?

Upon successful operation of the vorpal blade, do the researchers go galumphing back home?

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Oops! This comment was meant for the other September blog entry :sad: