Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Critique of Some New Setterfield Material"

Barry Setterfield is a Young-Universe biblical creationist who claims that the universe is young but appears old because the speed of light was significantly higher in the past.

Like many other advocates of crank astronomy, Setterfield tries to integrate William Tifft's claims of quantized extragalactic redshifts and now aspects of plasma cosmology and the electric universe to make a static (non-expanding) universe.

My occasional collaborator, physicist Jerry Jellison, has released an update that addresses some of Barry Setterfield's more recent claims dealing with atomic structure and the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Jerry points out a number of Setterfield's math and physics errors, many so fundamental that they could be caught by any student competent in high-school physics. Jerry notes how many of Setterfield's claims are getting even more confused and self-contradictory.

“Critique of Some New Setterfield Material” by G. P. Jellison


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Goodfellow said...

Just finished Donald E, Scott's "The Electric Sky", loaned to me by a plasma physicist at the U of M.
I have also read a measure of your remarks and objections on this blog which seem both considered and well thought out.
If you will, allow me to impart a layman's thoughts.

It would not surprise me that many of the concepts inscribed within the pages of "Electric Sky" prove to be inaccurate at best, groping and fanciful at worst.
However, Scott and his compatriots seem to be forcing science into a new realm where the present august body of astrophysicists cannot, dare not follow for reasons that are all too painfully obvious.
Here in this blog you have taken upon yourself the worthwhile duty to do your worst, to reveal the errors in Mr. Scott's revelations, and I predict you will have a considerable measure of success for your efforts.

In my opinion, the content Electric Sky is sublime and reading it was like seeing the Universe through new eyes. This work will be scoffed at by our generation of astrophysicists, possibly even the generation after that, but these pioneering sleepwalkers will, over the march of time, have changed the course of science long after your justifiable objections have been proven.