A Summary of Geocentrism Issues

This page summaries some of the Claims by Biblical Geocentrists addressed on this blog.

Applications of Newtonian Physics to Space Flight

Newton's laws, both of motion and gravitation, have no preferred center and these physical laws are vital for any nation to do space flight.  You can choose a 'center', or origin of your coordinate system, anywhere that makes the computation the simplest. 

Geocentrism & Relativity

Some geocentrists try to prove their geocentrist claim invoking relativity, which actually says that ANY point can be chosen as your 'center', provided you're willing to properly address all the relevant forces and motions...

Cosmological Geocentrist Claims

A simple demonstration of how the Hubble redshift law makes it impossible to identify the center of the cosmological expansion. 

Geocentrism & Quantized Redshift Claims

Various flavors of pseudo-science use claims of 'quantization' of cosmological redshifts to argue that Big-Bang cosmology is incorrect. This series of articles explores what power spectra REALLY mean and how it is misapplied by redshift quantization advocates.

 A basic introduction to 1-dimensional power spectra...
How do the SDSS and 2dFGS surveys match up to a uniform random distribution of galaxies subjected to limitations of our observing technologies?
Miscellaneous Issues dealing with random geocentrist claims

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